Get a Rideshare Car

If you are a part-time driver it might make more sense for you to use your own vehicle.
On the other hand if you are a full-time rideshare driver or if you are planning to be a fulltime driver for Uber or Lyft you may consider the following options:


The advantages to for full-time drivers are no depreciation on there own personal vehicle. You can drive as many miles as you want when you are Uber driving, Lyft driving or any other rideshare service driving service.

Uber or Lyft’s car program with a corresponding bonus rewards program. These programs are particularly advantageous for full-time drivers because the driver does not incur any depreciation on his or her personal vehicle. Both programs offer unlimited mileage. Uber’s program is called Fair and Lyft’s program is called Express Drive.

Their are limitations with both Uber Fair and Lyft Express Drive programs. You will need to check to see if they are available in your area.
Best option provided to help you get started in the Rideshare business would be to use HyreCar for acquiring your rental car for driving. Their are no limitations and they are available nationwide.